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Built SoftRock RX Handy


I am extremely impressed with this unit and recommend it without reservations. I am using HDSDR with it and am amazed at how such a small little board can perform so well. Surprised at how stable the LO is - I watched the LO with my main receiver with GPSDO, plotted the graph, and saw it mostly stayed within 0.1 Hz over the period of two hours. It responded to a busy CW band during Winter Field Day very well. Some strong, local signals gave it no problem at all. Put in two strong signals about 30 kHz apart with my signal generator. No issues at all. I did manage to overload its front end with my main transmitter, but that is not fair! The board is well made and built by a craftsman with high standards.
This is an excellent RX to use to learn about receiver design and SDR in general. All the schematics and details are available online, so it would be an excellent learning tool for an old ham or for club education project for the youngsters!
Date Added: 02/01/2022 by Tom M.
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