Built SoftRock RX Handy


The SoftRock RX Handy is a built HF SDR receiver board based on the SoftRock HF RX II receiver design. The same circuit board is used but the RX Handy is a simplified version of the RX II, available only as a built receiver board for one of several frequency ranges.

One thing that makes the SoftRock RX Handy is the ease of bringing it into service in that it is fully powered by the 5 volts DC supplied in the USB cable plugged into the RX Handy circuit board. Center frequency setting with the RX Handy is the same as with the HF RX II receiver board. Receiver sensitivity with the RX Handy is good except around the center frequency, about plus or minus 3 kHz, where there is a range of noise that obscures weak signals.

For the RX Handy receiver use the USB cable and a stereo audio cable for I/Q output to the stereo sound card input. The BNC RF input is also needed along with a suitable SDR software program.

Frequency range options include 2-4 MHz and 4-8 MHz.


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