SoftRock Lite II Combined Receiver Kit

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The SoftRock Lite II is a simple to build SDR receiver kit with a fixed center frequency to be used with a sound card that can sample at 96 kHz, providing band coverage from 48 KHz below the center frequency to 48 KHz above the center frequency.

The kit includes the components to build it for one of the following bands:
  • 160m (approximately 1.843MHz center frequency)
  • 80m (approximately 3.522MHz center frequency)
  • 40m (approximately 7.056MHz center frequency
The circuit board measures 2.55 inches by 0.9 inches.

NOTE: This product is a kit. The product photo shows what it should look like once assembled. A sound card with stereo line-in connector and a computer running SDR software are required to operate this radio.


Bill of Material

For kit building information, please see: WB5RVZ.

For special IF applications: Crystals for some special IF frequency applications are available. An IF Special Lite II receiver has a crystal whose center frequency is typically 10kHz to 15kHz above or below the target IF frequency. The Lite II can then be used to monitor the signals in the IF spectrum of the target receiver. This provides a way of quickly seeing what signals are available near to the frequency where the target receiver is tuned. If an additional IF center frequency option is chosen below, the crystal and any additional parts necessary for the Lite II to be built for the chosen frequency will be included in addition to the standard Lite II Combined Receiver kit. Band specific component values for IF frequencies may be found here.

To order the standard Lite II Combined Receiver kit only, choose the option "None."

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